Rubikon provides a flexible framework supporting credit applications, retail and corporate lending, including loan origination, loan set-up, repayments scheduling and rescheduling, disbursement, lifecycle and penalty processing, delinquency and past due management, identifying non-performing assets, provisioning, customer and group limits monitoring, group lending, insurance and collateral management and reporting. All processing can be enabled and monitored through workflow and the externalized rules engine.

Loan Products

Handle multiple loan products with different Rate Type & Structure of Interest Calculations

Allows configuring Floating Rate for loan products
Can manage repayments with any number of frequencies
Configurable repayment priorities at product level
Configurable Loan Application Processing with multi-level recommendations
In built Loan Calculator
Moratorium, Grace Periods, Group Meeting Dates etc.
Instalment Holiday can be applied for selected clients in case of calamities/unforeseen problems
Ability to apply penalties to arrears
Ability to disburse loans to different type of customer (Individuals, Groups, Group Members, Institutions) • Post Dated Transaction. Allows Multiple Disbursements (in stages)
Bulk Entry for Loan Receipts
Allows for early payments, pre-closure, write-off and restructuring of loans
Allows defining Fees (Percentage/Amount) collectable at various stages.
Allows for clients to transfer funds from savings account to repay loan
Can track loan portfolio and other key indicators by loan officer, branch, client
Correct loan portfolio aging and delinquency calculation mechanisms
Allows for collateral and guarantor tracking
Allows for aging period and percentages of loan loss reserve to be defined for loan product.

Loan Features