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We Shape the Perfect Banking Solution

We seamlessly merge two key components – strategic evaluation and software technology. This is the main factor that sets us apart from our competition and allows us to deliver exceptional service.

Our financial software solutions automate business processes for banks and fintech companies by providing with a secure, regulatory compliant and scalable platforms to run their business efficiently.


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What People Say

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Orbit-R microfinance solution offers business functionality, agile technology and low cost of ownership. Configured for the specific requirements of MFI’s Orbit-R’s sophisticated products and services offers a wide range of customer categories cost-effectively. Microfinance institutions can quickly implement Orbit-R and then enable more modules and capabilities to build out their business over time.

Features & Benefits

• Integrated workflow
• Integrated CRM functionality
• 24X7 Non-Stop Banking
• End of Day Batch Processing Elimination
• Integrated Delivery Channels
• Regulatory Compliance Feature
• Future Proof Feature

Retail Banking

Position your core business for the future

Rubikon is a comprehensive back to front office suite with integrated workflow enabling CRM and business intelligence integration to run real-time, offering banking services anytime, anywhere. Rubikon has a scalable and modular architecture that helps you to respond quickly and easily to the rapid changes and new demands of regulatory authorities and customers. Rubikon’s workflow management is integral to all its modules and provides complete and automated operation control. Its externalised rules engine provides banks with controls and the flexibility to change the operating rules without recourse to the software vendor.

Features & Benefits

• Integrated Workflow
• Integrated CRM
• Business Intelligence
• 24×7 Banking
• Integrated Delivery Channels
• Flexible Product Definition


Scalable front, middle and back-office solution

Rubikon Treasury is a web-based service-oriented treasury, securities & derivatives solution. This solution is fully optimised with comprehensive STP front-to-back office capabilities, cross-product processing and a wide range of financial instruments. It can process simple and complex derivatives, fixed income, and equity and treasury trades in an integrated system. Rubikon Treasury system encompasses all characteristics of a bank’s treasury operations, including FX & MM- from deal capture and confirmation, settlements and accounting.

Features & Benefits

• Mitigate Risk
• Reduce Cost
• Improved Turnaround Time

Digital Banking

Digitally empowered banking solution

Rubikon’s Digital Banking is a suite of integrated products that enable financial institutions to provide banking services via electronic channels, including ATM/POS, internet, mobile and SMS, and offers customers secure access to banking services anywhere at any time.

Features & Benefits

• On the go banking
• Advanced KYC
• Branch Virtualisation
• Time Optimization


eQuiweb is a core banking application delivered as a web-based application. It avails microfinance banks an alternative means of banking such Mobile Banking, ATM Banking, POS, Internet Banking, Agency Banking and Correspondent Banking.

eQuiweb Banking System is a functionality rich banking solution. eQuiweb meets and exceeds the demands of the most sophisticated microfinance bank / institutions, yet offers the simplicity of operation and ease of use that your bank requires to effectively and efficiently manage your operations.

The eQuiweb solution is an integrated modular solution designed to give microfinance banks / institutions the flexibility and capacity to meet and exceed the needs of the changing microfinance environment.