Rubikon Trade Finance

A fully-integrated solution

A fully-integrated application meeting the needs of both local and global banks, Rubikon’s trade finance module supports all trade finance requirements. It supports the processing and reporting needs for documentary credits, standby letters of credit, collections, bonds & guarantees, shipping guarantees, reimbursements, remittances, participations & syndications and loans. It also automatically captures and generates SWIFT messages and documents.
The products are component-based and facilitate the processing of trade finance related activities for all parties involved. This is achieved by automating all aspects of the business flow and minimising the need for data entry at all stages of the process. The overall design allows standardised processing whilst maintaining the flexibility to tailor the system according to regional needs and requirements. Rubikon trade finance is user-friendly and fully compliant. It enables management to fully monitor and control the workflow.


Rubikon Trade Finance makes decision-taking and risk assessment easier and at the same time gives comprehensive information online. Management information is available immediately by means of online enquiries or customised reports.It also allows for a boost in productivity, thus enhancing the options of processing increased business volumes without impact on staffing. Real-time visibility allows to mitigate operational and financial risk.