Rubikon Retail Banking

Position your core business for the future

With the financial services industry undergoing significant transformations, is your organisation ready to embrace the rapid changes that are needed to stay a step ahead of the competition?

Rubikon is a comprehensive back to front office suite with integrated workflow enabling CRM and Business Intelligence integration and running real-time and offering banking services anytime, anywhere. It addresses all the core needs of banks and financial institutions and manages the constant challenges they are facing. Rubikonhas a scalable and modular architecture which helps you to respond and adapt quickly and easily to the rapid changes and new demands of regulatory authorities and customers.

Rubikon’s workflow management is integral to all its modules and provides a complete and automated control of operations. Its externalised rules engine provides banks with controls and the flexibility to change the operating rules without recourse to the software vendor. Banks can make changes in a timely manner to suit their business needs and keep up-to-date with the latest regulations, management policies and market requirements. Furthermore, Rubikon can be deployed across different regions, supporting multi-currency, multiple languages, and reporting capabilities within the same environment.

Features & Benefits

Integrated workflow –providing a complete and automated control of operations, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing operational risk.

Integrated CRM – enabling banks and financial institutions to create a rich and differentiated value proposition to its customers.

Business Intelligence –bringing unparalleled benefits to planning, profitability and risk management.

True 24×7 non-stop banking – offering seamless availability to staff and customers.

Integrated delivery channels – ensuring the customer has a consistent and smooth experience whatever the channel used.

Customer-centric – offering a unified view of the customer across all channels and products.

Flexible product definition – allowing to create or modify products quickly, thereby reducing the time-to-market.