If you’re looking for a microfinance solution that offers rich business functionality, agile technology and low cost of ownership, Orbit-R is the right solution for you.
Orbit-R is configured for the specific requirements of MFI’s wanting to provide sophisticated products and services to a wide range of customer categories in a cost-effective manner.
Testimonies received from our clients show that they have become more effective in the way they handle their operations and have increase their performance soon after implementing Orbit-R.
Microfinance institutions can quickly implement Orbit-R, and then enable more modules and capabilities to build out their business over time.

Orbit-R Key features & benefits

Integrated workflow – Orbit-R workflow management is integral to all its modules to provide a complete and automated control of operations
Integrated CRM functionality – Orbit-R comes with integrated customer and case management capability enabling MFI’s to create a customized, rich and differentiated value proposition to their customers
True 24X7 non-stop banking, eliminating the end-of-day batch processing – Orbit-R provides a seamless transition from one day to another without having to stop bank operations, offering a 24/7 availability to customers
Integrated delivery channels – Orbit-R multi-channel architecture ensures the customer has a consistent and smooth experience whatever the channel used: branch, ATM, internet, mobile, e-banking, IVR, SMS or POS
Customer-centric – Orbit-R offers a unified, real-time view of the MFI’s customer across all channels and products
Regulatory compliance – Orbit-R supports a comprehensive risk management system and anti-money laundering module
Future-proof – Orbit-R is based on the latest technology, making maximum used of the benefits of the web can bring to businesses. New products, modules can easily be added as required in order to meet changing markets or new requirements