Future-proof solution

If you are looking for a banking solution with greater operational efficiency, high performance, agility and exceptional customer service across all channels simultaneously, then Rubikon is the right solution for you. Rubikonscalable framework facilitates rapid incremental deployment; either as a complete universal banking system or a series of modular applications/ services to cater the specific needs of your business. Rubikon offers an integrated range of solutions that increase efficiency, customer loyalty and help banks thrive in the digital world. Rubikon has a multi-layered service-oriented- architecture, and is built on anintegrated, secure and scalable platform. The seamless integration between modules and consistent user-interface makes it very easy to use.
Rubikon technology platform is built on modern open technology and SOA architecture, bringing scalability and agility while delivering process excellence to the business. With straight-through processing and with seamless integration between modules, Rubikon is a truly future-proof solution.